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That’s the Truth (FmF)


Just linking up with Lisa Jo Baker for Five minute Friday. Word prompt: truth

God sees you crumpled up by life.

Gently, he picks you up, smoothing out creases. He holds you like a child holds a caterpillar.

He saw the way you were hurt. And when you cried, his tears mingled with yours.

The day you felt alone, you were wrong. He was there.

No whimper went unnoticed by the one who sees each sparrow fall.

But the silence felt so overwhelming. And when the lies came they were easy to swallow.

To believe God doesn’t care. That no one cares.

To believe you are unimportant, worthless. But I know the truth.

John 15:13 “Greater love has no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends.”

The lie is you don’t matter.

The truth is – God loves you so much he gave his most prized possession to redeem you. So that one day you can live with him forever.

The lie is you’re useless.

The truth is – He has plans for you that you don’t know yet.

The lie is you’re worthless.

The truth is – when you believe what Jesus did, you become God’s child.

The lies try to silence the truth. But it’s there. Always there, waiting for us to acknowledge it.

This is the truth: God loves you.

He was there when you were formed in your mother’s womb. He fashioned every part of you.

Hold onto the truth. And when the lies rush at you like relentless waves, remember what’s true.

And rest. For the Father loves you.

And that’s the truth.

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I write words you can feel, sometimes they rhyme. If I'm not writing, I'm telling stories from my head, to little ones who call me grandma.

12 Replies

  1. Loved it !
    don’t care if it is Sunday. Always happy to read you!

    1. Laura,

      Thanks for the read. And for your nice comment.

  2. I love your soft truthful words Anne and am happy to know we all have special meaning in this life that unfolds as we live love and learn.

  3. Kath,

    Soft truthful words. Love that Kath. Could it be I am learning to weave grace and truth together? I hope so. I truly hope so. Grace helps truth go down.

  4. Anne:

    Beautiful words, Anne. I’m thankful for the Indisputable Truth and His love for us.

    1. Joan,

      Thanks for reading. His love for us—unfathomable.

  5. This is the truth that I find comfort in…His unconditional love. And in that truth, I rest. Blessings to you.

    Visiting from FMF

    1. Aileen,

      Thanks for stopping by from FmF. Yes, we can rest in that truth. Truly rest.

  6. Such beautiful words, Anne. I often find your writing soothing to my soul! Blessings– 🙂

    1. Rebeca,
      You know God’s words are soothing. Like a balm, no matter how bruised our souls are. Thanks for reading and for your encouraging comments, Rebeca.

  7. Great post. Empowering and uplifting. Just this belief that there always exists a support and a meaning to what we set out to achieve can change the way situations occur for us, is it not?


    1. Shakti,
      Thanks for reading. God’s grace can be nothing else but uplifting. As far as empowering. He tells us that when we accept His Son and what he did for us on the cross, that the same power that raised Jesus from the dead is alive and works in us. There is nothing like God’s empowerment. He is the all-powerful one.

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