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Paper, Pencils and Butterflies

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I ignore the posted lists. They don’t apply to me.

I don’t have to stock up on notebook paper. Don’t have to buy 200-count tissues in stores that only sell 150 count.

No longer do I run from store to store looking for the right type of scissors. The right number of crayons.

Yes, those days are long gone.

So long gone I’m now talking to my grandsons about their impending first day of school.

“So Charlie, are you excited or nervous about your first day?”

Charlie who is 4 doesn’t hesitate, “I think you know the answer to that question.”

And I smile. Because I do know the answer. I see his grimace when Jude talks about school. And I remember those little stubborn butterflies that chose to occupy my stomach on first days.

First days are hard

Sometimes they’re hard for moms.

I was a mom who put on a brave face, wiping off tears, after I dropped them off.

I watched the clock, knowing the kids would be home soon, along with the chatter my house loved.

And yes, I was the mom saddened when summer ended. The one who never looked forward to an empty house.

New beginnings bring mixed feelings. Maybe because they are linked to change. I’m not a big fan of change.

I am excited about one thing. The job I’ve been entrusted with, instead of shopping for supplies.

I get to PRAY

It’s not that I didn’t pray before. Believe me, I did. It’s just that I appreciate the value of prayer, in a new light.

Prayer is a privilege. Storming heaven with requests for my little grandchildren.

Praying for God’s protection and guidance as they venture out.

And I’ll pray as often as I think about them, thanking God for this privilege.

Being a grandparent for the last 6 1/2 years has been a joy. I’ve found smiles I had tucked away for a long time.

I’ve laughed the biggest laughs at the smallest things.

I notice things I had missed.  What a gift.

And now. If you’ll forgive me, I have to talk to God about two little boys I know.

Sometimes it’s hard to believe God loves these kids more than we do. But he does.

He’s the one who made them.

About Anne Peterson

I write words you can feel, sometimes they rhyme. If I'm not writing, I'm telling stories from my head, to little ones who call me grandma.

6 Replies

  1. Anne, I’m so thankful for your grandchildren and the smiles they bring you. Reading your post brought a smile to my face today during a time of struggle. Thank you.

  2. Tricia,
    I’m glad the post made you smile. I’m sorry you are having a time of struggle. Today is a hard day for me too. I’ll pray for you.

  3. Anne as a grandparent you get to do all the fun stuff, its your right of passage to buy ice cream and spoil them rotten. They are so lucky to have a beautiful creative Nan such as you, who prays for them too.

    1. Kath,

      Thanks for reading and your comments. I feel like the lucky one.

  4. Hi Anne, I so love your posts. You always write stories that resonates with my soul. I forgot about rushing about for school supplies and an empty house and your heart breaking for your kids as they grow older and they have to deal with mean children and sometimes even teachers.
    Prayer and God is the one constant thing we can rely on. We cannot say ‘thank You’ enough.
    Jude, Charlie and Ruth are special gifts with smiles attached. Enjoy every day.

    1. Patricia,

      Thanks so much for your kind words they are very encouraging.

      I got to spend yesterday with all three grandchildren. You better believe I was smiling a lot. Then today I got to be with little Ruthie while her mom taught music at Jude and Charlie’s school. Fun two days in a row.

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