Anne Peterson

I write stories and goosebump poetry

I Saw Him More Clearly

I Saw Him More Clearly I was a guest blogger at Jeff Goins,’ site, Wrecked. This was the story of my sister.

How to Sort our Thoughts

A teacher leaves the classroom and when she returns the room is chaos. A mother gets on the telephone and her once relatively normal children go ballistic. I got sick and my mind became cluttered. My thoughts kept bumping into each other. Other thoughts became negative, keeping to themselves. The words “always” and “never” showed […]


Do you ever struggle with the choices you have to make? Today I am guest posting for “Exceptional Living.”

What will You see this Christmas?

On December 3rd, I guest posted.

Why does it seem that sometimes my prayers go unanswered?

Here’s an article I wrote for Christianity Today.  Why does it seem that sometimes my prayers go unanswered?

Talk to me

I love technology. I really do. If it weren’t for technology you wouldn’t be reading this right now. But I have a beef about the direction our society is going. We sacrifice one form of communication for another. Talking has been replaced by texting.  My cousin John explained to me people prefer texting because it enables […]