Anne Peterson

I write stories and goosebump poetry

I Wish They Were Wrong

Photo courtesy Creative Commons They had to be wrong. People were always telling me how unsafe it was in Chicago. Here I was, my early 20’s, standing on an El platform. Everything was fine. I was going home by myself. I was safe. No one was bothering me. I did see a guy standing on […]

39 cents

Photo courtesy of Jessica Peterson. It’s not about the lettuce. It started out like any other day. I worked in a small National Tea Grocery store. It was Friday and the store was pretty full. The time would go pretty fast and I was okay with that. Once in a while, there would be a […]

God’s Melody (Five minute Friday)

Time for Five minute Friday, linking with Lisa Jo Baker. Write for five minutes. Post without editing. Word: rhythm I watch her breathing. In and out. Her little chest going up and down. And I know who started this life. Who fashioned each part. It was the same one who fashioned her father. The same one […]

Do you Have a Story of Domestic Violence?

  It was September 1982 when my sister, Peggy Gollias Dianovsky disappeared never to be seen again. She was the victim of domestic violence. I am giving my sister a voice by writing a book about domestic violence. In my book entitled,  Broken, I will tell her story. Maybe you have a story too. If […]

Imagine That (FmF)

Imagine what it will be like when we open our eyes and see clearly for the very first time. When all around are those we love who went before us. There at the table people are laughing and smiling bigger than ever. And as you stand there with your mouth gaped open you see him. […]

When you Can’t see Another View

(I’m hooking up with Lisa Jo Baker for Five minute Friday. The word: view) My shifter was broken. It wasn’t that I wouldn’t look at things a different way. I couldn’t. The freedom I felt when I left that office. You’ll never know. My husband used to tell me in our conversations, “Anne sometimes it’s like […]

I Sang my Song for Nothing (Five minute Friday)

(I’m linking up with Lisa-Jo Baker today to take part in her “5 Minute Fridays,” The word is song).   What was I thinking? I didn’t sing like some of the others. I liked singing, but I wasn’t that good. I’d never make it. Looking at my sheet music of the song, Strangers in the […]

Why I used to Sneak into my Mother’s Dresser.

She knew I did it. I just couldn’t help myself. Her Treasure her heart quickened as did her steps with little time left she scurried to the bedroom, with a slide of the gold button the jewelry box opened with warm reception dazzling bracelets hoping to be held were overlooked there in a satin pouch lay her treasure a gold […]

Why you should read this little book

The world is full of hurting people. I am one of them. When you have losses in your life, you feel alone. Like no one cares. When you have one loss after another, it’s even harder to feel loved. After losing my mom, my dad, and going through my sister’s disappearance and death, I had […]

7 Quotes to Help you Navigate Life

I love quotes. When Bryan Hutchinson encouraged fellow writers to blog about 7 quotes we have found helpful in our lives. Well, I took the challenge. My problem was knowing which ones to choose. As I said, I love quotes. I refer to them often. Perhaps not often enough. And when I find a good quote I […]