Anne Peterson

I write stories and goosebump poetry

Interview with Jeff Goins

Remembering Peggy

September 12, 1982 The day you disappeared. Out of my life, but never my mind. There was a hole that never got filled. You and I were supposed to be sitting together talking about our grandkids. You never even got to see yours. When you lose a loved one you get a lot of nevers […]

Why Dirt Matters

We live in a drive-thru society that loves short cuts. My microwave recently expired and I quickly was reminded how much I depended on it. Some things are okay with short cuts, but it’s not true for everything. Growth needs time. I recently read, Dirt Matters, by Jim Powell, pastor of Richwood’s Christian Church. In his […]

Paper, Pencils and Butterflies

Photo Courtesy Creative Commons I ignore the posted lists. They don’t apply to me. I don’t have to stock up on notebook paper. Don’t have to buy 200-count tissues in stores that only sell 150 count. No longer do I run from store to store looking for the right type of scissors. The right number […]

I’m Sorry God (FmF)

(Five minute Friday. Linking with Lisa Jo Baker. Prompt: Worship)   God, it’s me, your daughter. And I have a confession to make. I’ve been sharing my worship with another. Well, actually more than one. Yes, I’ve come and sat with others on Sundays to worship you. But I didn’t come with a single heart. It was […]

“Stay on the Phone.”

I’ve spent a lot of my life in the in-between. I should have a Master’s degree in waiting. My sister disappeared in 1982. We are still  waiting for some answers. And though I’ve read books on the subject of waiting, none have taught me the value of it. Until now. In his book, In-Between, Jeff […]

Where I Belong (FmF)

Time for Five minute Friday, linking with Lisa Jo Baker. Write for five minutes. Post without editing. Prompt: Belong We spend our lives looking for it. Starting from the time we’re little ones. Going to school, sizing up everyone around. We become friends with those who are like us. We marry someone who accepts us. […]

The Day I Knew I was a Writer

Photo courtesy of Creative Commons This post is my entry in the “Writing Contest: You Are A Writer” held by  Positive Writer. We were so excited. Mom called upstairs to us,“Thea Tula is here!” We loved going to our aunt’s house. I’d run to her TV room first thing. There in a tall bookcase, I’d find […]

I Wish They Were Wrong

Photo courtesy Creative Commons They had to be wrong. People were always telling me how unsafe it was in Chicago. Here I was, my early 20’s, standing on an El platform. Everything was fine. I was going home by myself. I was safe. No one was bothering me. I did see a guy standing on […]

39 cents

Photo courtesy of Jessica Peterson. It’s not about the lettuce. It started out like any other day. I worked in a small National Tea Grocery store. It was Friday and the store was pretty full. The time would go pretty fast and I was okay with that. Once in a while there would be a […]