Anne Peterson

Healing words for wounded souls.

if only

Truly these two words can really paralyze us in life. Regrets are like leaches that grab on and suck the very life out of you. We make decisions based on the information we have at the time. We are human and sometimes we make decisions that are lacking. We are human and sometimes we make […]


Don’t you hate it when your phone rings and you run to it only to find it’s an automated call? I feel so let down when that happens. Like I was somehow deceived. I think technology is great, I really do. But I miss some of the things technology has replaced. When call waiting appeared […]


Nobody likes to wait. Not really. I remember one day when I learned an important lesson about waiting. Impatience is directly linked with pride. I know that is kind of harsh, but let me elaborate and then you can decide if you agree. When we struggle with impatience it’s because we are telling ourselves we […]


Some days are hard. Even things that should be relatively easy are a chore on hard days. And yet, there is a satisfaction with “hanging in there,” when things become more difficult. A sense of accomplishment when the task is completed. I find I’m getting more enjoyment out of the process than I did years […]


I wonder how many more things we could experience in life if we could get past the starting point. Indecisiveness, perfectionism, various fears, are some of the reasons we don’t get started. And yet, at other times we feel a little bold, we hear a word of encouragement, or maybe someone challenges us and we’re […]


We live in a world where people hurt. Our losses and difficulties in life cause us pain. Perhaps you’re hurting right now. When we experience pain it’s easy to forget how much God cares about us. But, I want you to know God does care. Although we don’t have control over much of what happens […]