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I Miss my Sister.


me and peggy

I miss my sister.

She was supposed to be sharing life with me. The antics of our kids, now our grandkids.

Instead, I see pictures of her grandkids and know how much they would have loved her.

“You need to get on with your life,” I’ve been told.

I have gone on with my life, but it’s a different version.

And the hurting doesn’t stop. You just get used to the pain. Kinda.

But you never stop wanting to share, to talk to them.

To hear the voice you’re afraid you might one day forget.

We shared a childhood, a family. We always shared a bedroom. She was a kicker.

One night she moaned for hours.

“Stop it” I yelled, but she didn’t. I wanted to kick her off the bed. Good thing I didn’t.

Mom and dad took her to the hospital. It was acute appendicitis.

Peggy and I would go and swing on the swing set, singing at the tops of our voices.

There was the time she and I threw a surprise party for mom.

The many times we lip synced “Johnny Angel,” and “I will follow him.”

 The times we learned how to do the twist with our cousin, Pattie.

There was the surprise party she threw for me when I was sixteen.

We fought, we argued, but we would always talk.

When she apologized she’d say “soarry”

I miss her so much right now.

I love you, Peg. I always will.
Note: We lost Peggy to domestic violence. I wrote her story as well as mine in the book, Broken: A Story of Abuse and Survival.


Today, Saturday September 12th, 2015, you can buy the Kindle version for just 99 cents. It will be on sale for 1.99 on the 13th and 2.99 on the 14th.

Here is the trailer we made for the book.

Please buy a copy and share the trailer.

There are a lot of Peggys out there.

About Anne Peterson

I write words you can feel, sometimes they rhyme. If I'm not writing, I'm telling stories from my head, to little ones who call me grandma.

17 Replies

  1. Although I’ve never lost a loved one to domestic abuse, we never stop missing the ones who’ve gone before us. Prayers for you on this day.

    1. Anne Peterson

      Thanks Joan. For some reason yesterday was a hard day. But today, the day after I’m much better. Thanks for the prayers, friend.

  2. Anne, I just picked up the Kindle version. I’ll be reading, and sharing. Such a heartbreaking story, and God bless you for bringing awareness. I pray this book will continue to help the peggys and their families.

    1. Anne Peterson

      Thanks so much, for the purchase of the book and for your encouraging words. I had someone put a comment on Facebook yesterday that really touched my heart. It was hard writing Broken. But I felt strongly God wanted me to do it. Thanks so much for your prayers.

    2. Anne Peterson

      Thank you for reading and I’ll be looking forward to hearing what you thought of Broken.

  3. Robin Winfrey

    I love my sisters like crazy, I can not imagine your pain. My prayers are with you Anne. May God gently comfort you as only He can.

    1. Anne Peterson

      Thanks Robin,
      God has been comforting me. I think this time was hard because of all the work we did on the trailer for my book. Over and over I relived those moments. Those helpless moments when we were separated by 2000 miles. And then she was gone. God has been my comfort and will continue to comfort me. That’s the kind of father we have.

      1. Ninth grade. Dad dropped me off at the Tozer pool for scnohrynized swimming practice (remember Aquateens?) before he went to work. Hours to wait until the pool opened so I went to see the mess downtown. Sandbags covering the manhole covers to keep them weighted down, but they were leaking water onto the street. I think they had pumps set up to try to keep up with the water backing up out of them. It was a very damp, cold, shivery misery. I don’t think my shoes dried out for a week. An old guy lectured us about how to properly fill the sand bags Don’t fill them too much. There has to be some empty bag to interlock under the next bag laid. That way the wall is strong enough so that the water doesn’t break through the whole thing. Whenever I see news stories of floods anywhere with sandbags strewn in haphazard piles and water leaking everywhere I think of him.

        1. I can see how those stories of floods would remind you of your dad.

  4. Dearest Anne the pain doesn’t go away, I agree and you keep those memories fresh by writing about them. I know how hard this book was for you to write. It is such a tragedy to lose a sibling in such a way. Yet you have the opportunity to help others and I am sure Peggy is so very proud of you.

    1. Anne Peterson

      You are always such an encouragement as far as my writing.I appreciate you. Thanks for taking the time to read it.

  5. I’ve never experienced this kind of loss; but, after looking at the photos, of two precious girls, my heart hurts with you.

    1. Anne Peterson

      Thanks for reading. And for your empathy.

  6. Anne – I found your website, and going to look for your book for my Kindle.
    This kind of grief carves out huge gouges in our lives that only the Holy Spirit can fill. Without God, we wouldn’t make it.
    Sending love and blessings.

    1. Anne Peterson

      You’re right, Voni. Without God we would not make it. He’s the God of all comfort and we will have opportunities to learn that throughout our lifetimes. Sometimes many opportunities. But this life is not all there is! Thanks so much for reading. I hope you also check out Droplets, if you know someone going through grief. It is a poetry book I recently published.

  7. Pam Savas Penfield

    Wow, I’m so impressed and so glad I found you on fb. I’m sorry that I couldn’t be a part of my family’s life, but we’ve both managed to suffer separately. Seeing this breaks my heart. Thinking of my cousin Peggy and loving your website.

    1. Pam,
      I’m so glad that we got connected too Pam. Yes, we have suffered separately, but now we can share what we’ve learned from it.
      So glad you’ve gone to the website and that you’re enjoying it.

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