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God’s sovereignty

I am so glad that God is sovereign. I don’t know the news I’ll be hearing in the next hour but He knows. I may be surprised by the next phone call, but nothing surprises Him. I can rest in the fact that God is sovereign in my uncertain world. I can put my faith in Him knowing He knows everything, that He is in control when things seem to be reeling out of control.

I used to wish I knew more about certain situations. I used to think more information would make me rest. Sadly, this isn’t true. Sometimes the more you know, the worse you feel. I guess we just feel more in control when we have more info.

Today as I went on my walk I was struck with the magnitude of our God. He made everything our eyes can see, and then some. He created everything we can wrap our minds around. And yet, He is the God of details. Maker of everything, He misses nothing. I looked at the mighty trees and then smiled as a tiny sparrow flew by. God is responsible for both. 

Today might be a good day. Things may go well for you and you may catch a smile on the reflection in your mirror, but some of you may have a bad day; a really hard day. It’s comforting to know that the God of the universe is sitting attentively by waiting to hear from us. Good news or bad news He sits waiting to hear our pleas.

I’m so glad God is sovereign and that I can rest in that.

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