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God’s Melody (Five minute Friday)

sleeping ruthie

Time for Five minute Friday, linking with Lisa Jo Baker.

  • Write for five minutes.
  • Post without editing.
  • Word: rhythm

I watch her breathing. In and out.

Her little chest going up and down.

And I know who started this life.

Who fashioned each part.

It was the same one who fashioned her father.

The same one who years ago fashioned me.

Oh, the things that are in store for her.

The tastes she will experience.

The wonders she will open her eyes to.

And yet, she sleeps quietly now, unaware.

She knows only what is revealed each day.

Today a sound she never heard before.

Yesterday, sand between her chubby toes.

I watch her sleep. Her rising and falling little chest.

And I pray. Pray that God will protect her.

That he will guide her every step.

In and out. Up and down.

Such is the rhythm of life.

God’s melody.

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I write words you can feel, sometimes they rhyme. If I'm not writing, I'm telling stories from my head, to little ones who call me grandma.

16 Replies

  1. God’s Melody indeed!

    1. Thanks for reading, Brad. I think babies are one of the best ideas God had.

  2. Anne this is beautiful, everything about it sings new life, something we all need to experience to renew our hopes and dreams.

    1. Thanks for reading Kath. And for being the encouragement you are. A baby shows us life does indeed go on. I got so much pleasure out of watching her sleep the other day.

      1. She is a blessing and a gorgeous one at that Anne, there is something so peaceful about a baby sleeping.

  3. Anne, so beautiful your words. We sometimes forget who made us. A new life with infinite possibilities. Even out ‘older’ lives are still filled with wonder, ever morning we open our eyes.

    1. Patricia,
      Thanks for reading it. I got such pleasure out of just sitting there watching her. And I agree with you, there is still wonder for us. We just need to keep looking for it. In fact, it was wonderful the other day Jessica and I went walking. We saw a deer. All I could do was stare.

  4. A beautiful reflection on a sweet new life. What a joy she must be for you all! God’s breath sustaining her as He does each and every one of us day by day. Nothing beats the wonder of a newborn child and their ability to remind us of the rhythm and melody of life itself. Blessings 🙂 xx

  5. I can hear the love 🙂

  6. New life … God’s promise to us. Well put … and she is adorable!

    1. Thanks for reading it. And for your comment. Children are truly one of God’s best ideas. 🙂

  7. I love the rhythm of your writing Anne. And your little granddaughter is so precious and beautiful.

  8. Thanks Kathleen. We think she’s kinda cute too. I can hardly wait to see her tomorrow. I haven’t seen her and the boys for about 9 days! That’s a nice line. You liking the rhythm of my writing.

  9. Beautiful Anne! What a precious grandbaby. Precious life! Praising the Lord for His Melody~

    1. Thanks Maria, and thanks for the share.

      We love little Ruthie.

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