Anne Peterson

I write stories and goosebump poetry

Emma’s Wish

A slippery road. Darkness. An unforgettable dance.

In one moment, a young girl’s life is changed forever. Let these captivating illustrations draw you into Emma’s world as she learns there is more to life than what she can see.

If you like a story with a heroine who faces insurmountable odds and succeeds, you will love Emma’s Wish. Whether you buy it for your child, or for yourself, this is a book you’ll want to read over and over again.

This mother/daughter collaboration resulted from the author reflecting on her daughter’s art. Out came the story. Unlike other children’s books on your shelf, this book lends itself to great conversations about accepting hardship. Your child will have a deeper understanding about life itself, while also experiencing a touch of magic.

Praise for Emma’s Wish

“Beautiful! I loved reading Emma’s wish and was mesmerized by the illustrations. This is a wonder-filled book that will give you reason to hope again.” -Jeff Goins, Author & dad

“A delightful collaboration with thought provoking themes, not just for children but for their parents as well.” -Amazon Reviewer


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