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“Call 9-1-1!” (FmF)


Linking up with Lisa Jo Baker at Five minute Friday. Prompt: Fly

“Ma’am, this is the 9-1-1 operator. Is everything alright there?”

“Yes,” I answered immediately. “I don’t understand.”

“I’m just checking on a call I received from this location.”

“Operator, you’re mistaken. I’m sitting down watching television with my two children. Nothing is wrong here.”

“I’m sorry Ma’am but about ten minutes ago we received a call from a young child around six years old who called from this number.”

I looked over at my daughter, “Jessie did you call 9-1-1?”

With her brown eyes widening she nodded her head.

“I’ll take care of this right away operator. I’m very sorry. It will never happen again.”

I marched Jessie into the bathroom and she received one swat on her bottom. Then I asked. I know wrong order. “Why would you do something like that?”

“I had to, Mom. Nathan was in the bathroom. And he started coughin’ and he said, Jess, call 9-1-1 quick. I swallowed a fly!”

I hugged my life-saving daughter and went looking for her 12 year old brother.

And years later, on his wedding day, guess what story I shared?

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I write words you can feel, sometimes they rhyme. If I'm not writing, I'm telling stories from my head, to little ones who call me grandma.

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  1. Monica

    Oh, my, what a great story!!!

    1. Monica,
      Thanks for reading. The true stories often are the best. Down through the years they don’t change. And they bring so much pleasure to others. Especially if there are chuckles tucked inside.

  2. Ha!! Fantastic. You’ve got to love the thought process of kids. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Thanks for reading. I DO love the way kids think. And now I get to enjoy it all through my grandkids. That’s why when I wrote my first book each chapter starts off with a snippet about some little thing they said or did. I love children. Thanks for reading.

  3. Oh Anne you had me smiling on this bleak grey saturday morning, how gorgeous is that and a precious memory, Im glad you shared it and wondered how the fly came into the story.

    1. Kath,
      Thanks for reading. It brought me a smile today too. It was the perfect choice for the prompt. How could I not share the story?

  4. Joan

    Love this story, Anne!

    1. Thanks Joan, it’s always been one of our favorite stories as well.

  5. Sweet, love the story….your daughter saved her brother’s life.

    1. Patricia,

      Thanks for reading. Truly, it is one of our family favorites. Found out Nathan used to make Jess kiss his feet and call him Master. Brothers. Aren’t they great??

  6. Funny story. Thanks for brightening my day a little. I clicked over from “Faith Writers” on Facebook. Keep up the good work.

    1. Michael,
      Thanks for clicking over. I appreciate the visit and the comment.

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