Anne Peterson

I write stories and goosebump poetry


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In 1971, Anne Peterson walked into a basement. Opening the door with apprehension, she never knew it would change her life forever...Read more






"Divorce"...the letter read. "Violence" went on. A long distance call made, "I can't talk now! He's harassing me again!" Hours later the phone rings, "Calling the police was easy, I wish I would have done it sooner." For years, Anne has been the member of a club she never wanted to join. Read more




Poetry books



Saying goodbye to a loved one is one of the hardest parts of life. It never gets easier. Anne Peterson understands this. After losing her mother, father, and sister, God has drawn her closer to himself, giving comfort like no one else could. View more







Like Amy Carmichael, Anne Peterson gives us a peek at her relationship with God. She gives us poems that will renew our faith, and encourage our hearts just when we need it. In He Whispers, Volume 1, Anne pulls back the curtain of her life and lets us in on her conversations with God. View on Amazon






Life is hard. While we experience both joys and sorrows, sometimes we get weary on our journeys. And we wonder how long we can hold on. 
In He Whispers, Volume 2, Anne shares some of her struggles and what God whispered to her.

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In He Whispers, Volume 3, Anne continues sharing her intimate conversations with God. But these are not light talks. Instead, she asks the hard questions she has kept in the recesses of her mind. The things that could trip her up if she didn’t know the one who has the answers. View more






Feelings. We can't live with them, we certainly can't live without them, although we still try. We stuff them in, hoping to hide behind our perfect smiles. But sometimes those smiles get a little crooked. Inside Myself is a different kind of poetry book. It's transparent. It's raw. It's the real deal. View more




Art books (Poetry and artwork)



You're all alone and it's quiet. Out of the corner of your eye, you see something move. But nothing's there. Or is it? Sometimes things are just as they appear. But sometimes... well, that’s another story. Read more





Have you ever seen a photograph and wondered what the story was behind it? Well that’s exactly what Make Believe is about. Anne Peterson reflected on her daughter’s photographs, and then it happened -out came poetry. Read more





What if an artist had no limitations? Often illustrations are made to fit specifications. But we’ve tried something different. Looking at my daughter’s art, stories started coming to me in the form of poems. Just as she was free with every line she drew, I was free with every word I wrote. I simply let her sing, and I harmonized. View on Amazon




Children's books


A slippery road. Darkness. An unforgettable dance. In one moment a young girl’s life is changed forever. Let these captivating illustrations draw you into Emma’s world as she learns there is more to life than what she can see. Read more





Insecurity. Enlightenment. Acceptance. Little Kerrie was ashamed of where she lived. She felt as crooked as her house was. Until she heard the reason behind its crookedness. If you like a book that celebrates individuality, teaches your children to feel good about themselves and is fun to read aloud you have to buy this book. Read more





Why do we care what others think? Sonny was a little guitar who loved playing the blues, until his friends gave their opinions. Confused, he starts on a musical journey. Find out what Sonny discovered and whose voice he finally listened to. Read more




Lulu loved her little town and everyone loved Lulu. Well, almost everyone. Lulu had a big problem, and his name was Brutus-the school bully. Every day Brutus took Lulu's lunch, and she went home hungry. Find out how Lulu solved her problem.

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Art/Activity books


Mazes are fun, but working through one of Mike Peterson’s original mazes? Well that’s just crazy! If the twisty turns don’t get to you, you won’t believe the wild colors. And when you think you’ve seen all the pictures he tucked inside each one, you’ll find new ones each time you look.

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Because one maze book was not enough!

 Every page of Mike Peterson's book will draw you into his artwork and dazzle you with the vibrant colors. And every time you look at each maze, you’ll notice something new. There are millions of mazes in the world, but none like Crazy Mazes.

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