Anne Peterson

Healing words for wounded souls.

People Feel Invisible: We need to open our eyes

  “You look tired,” I said to the young woman scanning my groceries. I’m not one to just spit out the question, “How are you?”  Maybe because I know people just say what they think you want to hear. “Oh, I AM tired,” she responded a little surprised. “I haven’t slept in days.” “Why not?” […]

White Coffee and Wildflowers

  Today is Grandma day. A day I look forward to all week. A day when I start smiling and don’t stop till I drop the kids off back home. And I don’t mean the kind of smile I put on right before I meet someone new. I mean an honest to goodness smile that […]

I Tasted Grace One Easter

“Please Mom,” I begged. “It’s so nice and shiny, it will match my shoes.” “No.” she said. And her metal mind slammed shut. I went to sleep with resentment that night. To her, it was just a purse, but to my 12-year-old heart, it was everything. I didn’t like her very much that night. Easter […]

No More Talking

“Divorce” the letter read; “violence,” it went on. A long-distance call made: “I can’t talk now! He’s harassing me again.” Hours later a phone rings, and two sisters talk. One tells of a hurting heart and ten years of pain; the other sobs in silence. “Calling the police was easy, I wish I would have […]

Livie: a tribute to my granddaughter

Yesterday was a hard day. We got together and celebrated Olivia Jane’s life. With white balloons that we released to heaven. Before I let mine go, I kissed it. Here is a poem I shared at her gravesite.   Livie Although you were so very small, you taught us many things, like living in the […]

Happy Birthday, Peggy

  You left us in 1982. But even though a loved one dies, you don’t stop thinking about them. In fact, you think about them even more. But this isn’t going to be about your death. I’ve already written about that here and even here. No, this is a letter about what I admire about you. Follow […]

Happy Birthday Olivia

    Can I breathe now? Yesterday was my granddaughter’s first birthday, Olivia Jane. The image above is the beautiful cake Heather made for her daughter. Celebrating is always fun. Especially when it involves your family members. But yesterday was especially significant because we were told our granddaughter would most likely die before birth. “Trisomy […]

My Prayer for 2016

Well we did it. We said goodbye to 2015. Some of us toasted the new year with a glass of bubbly. Others knew it would come whether it was welcomed or not so they slipped into bed as the clock ticked it in. And now we face another year. A clean slate with no mistakes […]

How I Became a Published Author

  I am a published author. I couldn’t always say that. Although I had published 25 articles with Christianity Today and Today’s Christian Women, and I had 42 published Bible studies as well, I couldn’t say the words: “I have published a book,” a dream that was important to me. So what did I do […]

I Miss my Sister.

  I miss my sister. She was supposed to be sharing life with me. The antics of our kids, now our grandkids. Instead, I see pictures of her grandkids and know how much they would have loved her. “You need to get on with your life,” I’ve been told. I have gone on with my […]