Anne Peterson

I write stories and goosebump poetry

How I Missed one of the Best Moments of Tribe Conference 2017

It was dark when we pulled into town. How in the world would we find the address? 

Just then our cell phone rang. “Are you coming?” Pamela asked. Pamela was one of the conference attendees. I had grabbed a few numbers before I left the house. Was that really seven hours ago? Finally, I was […]

White Coffee and Wildflowers

Today is Grandma day. A day I look forward to all week. A day when I start smiling and don’t stop till I drop the kids off back home. And I don’t mean the kind of smile I put on right before I meet someone new. I mean an honest to goodness smile that goes […]

If You’re an Artist, You Better be Stubborn…

There are not many times in life stubbornness is viewed as a quality. But stubbornness, the brother of tenacity, is extremely important. As a writer, there will be days you don’t feel like writing. In fact, you’d rather watch every stinkin’ video on Facebook about cats and you don’t especially like cats. Sorry, all you […]

No More Talking

“Divorce” the letter read; “violence,” it went on. A long-distance call made: “I can’t talk now! He’s harassing me again.” Hours later a phone rings, and two sisters talk. One tells of a hurting heart and ten years of pain; the other sobs in silence. “Calling the police was easy, I wish I would have […]

Livie: a Tribute to my Granddaughter

Not long ago we celebrated Olivia Jane’s life. White balloons were released.       Before I released mine, I kissed it. Livie Although you were so little, you taught us many things, like living in the present so we don’t miss anything. You taught us things that matter, are the little things around, like making […]

I’m Gonna Pray, Olivia

I know the doctors are not giving you much of a chance, but I’m gonna pray. They hold test results in their hands, my hands are empty. God tells me to cast all my cares on Him. And I care about you. So I’m gonna pray. I know God knit you together in your mommy’s […]

Don’t Make These 3 Mistakes When Giving

I brought in the plastic bags. Putting them down on the table, I unload them, thankful I got to go to the food pantry today. Thankful I have something different to offer my family. Opening the Duncan Hines box, I’m looking forward to making a cake. Cake is a luxury item. Reaching for my large […]

Clean out Your Closet: Why storing our feelings can be dangerous

Oops, I did it again. I can tell by your flinch that I’ve poked you. It wasn’t my intent. My closet must be full. The one I stuff my emotions in. When I don’t deal with my emotions, somehow the hurts overpower everything and before I know it, I sting people. I don’t plan on […]

He Cried with Me

My heart was heavy. How would we make it without our brother? Martha stood before me, “The Master is calling for you.” The weight around my heart released its grip. I knew he’d come. I ran towards Him. I had to see Him. He would understand. And seeing Jesus, I fell down at His feet—my safe […]

Interview with Jeff Goins