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I Miss my Sister.

me and Peggy

  I miss my sister. She was supposed to be sharing life with me. The antics of our kids, now our grandkids. Instead, I see pictures of her grandkids and know how much they would have loved her. “You need to get on with your life,” I’ve been told. I have gone on with my […]

Sometimes When I’m Hurting

Sometimes when I'm hurting, God...

Listen To Your Heart

cover for Sonny Follows His heart

  I remember when I was a people pleaser. Okay, I am still a people pleaser to a degree, but I remember when I was worse. Much, much worse. When you come from a dysfunctional family you adopt ways to survive and unfortunately those ways of coping don’t work in the real world. If your […]

Go Ahead. Jump.


I am participating in the Writing Contest: How Writing has Positively Influenced my Life, hosted by Positive Writer. I still remember shaking. I was sixteen in gym class and we were told to line up at the deep end. We were to jump in. Me, who had never been in deep water. 

And I did […]

Whose Life Are you Living?

Your calling sign

What will your biggest regret be as you near the end of your life? Bonnie Ware wrote a book, The Top Five Regrets of the Dying. After spending time with those nearing death she found the number one regret: I wish I had the courage to live a life true to myself, not the life […]

What if it’s Not too Late?

clock edited

We’ve all seen them. People who knew what they wanted to be from the time they were little ones. A teacher inspired them to pick up a piece of chalk and make a difference. Or maybe the lack of a good doctor when their family needed one, lit a fire in them to become a […]

No one is Excluded

Photo by Jessica Peterson.

What if Every Piece Does Fit?


So often in life we start down a road, with our dreams in the GPS of our minds. But we don’t seem to meet the destination as we expected. And after a while we wonder if perhaps we’re on the right road to our calling. Did we miss something? Is this thing even working? Jeff […]

Standing There

I was afraid to walk into my pain...

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It’s Almost Time


It’s almost time. Mom just woke us up so we could bring in the new year. It’s 11:50 pm. We come downstairs and she places pot lids in our young hands, along with wooden spoons. “Just a few minutes to go. Get ready, get ready!” Mom shows us the box of noisemakers we can choose. […]